Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Ministop Pasta = Fail

In those days where I'm just too lazy to bring my own lunch or buy something from the nearby carinderias (food stalls), I would prefer to just buy something from Mini-stop since it's very near our office. Mini-stop is a 24/7 store, similar to 7-11. In the Philippines, they offer rice meals and pastas aside from sandwiches. I decided to get myself a Baked Macaroni for lunch. It was very affordable, at Php 49.00 only (a little over $1).

I heated the paper bowl for a few seconds and let it rest for a few minutes so my tongue wouldn't get burned. Unfortunately, when I opened my meal, I was very disappointed.

Mini-Stop Baked Macaroni

The serving is VERY small! It didn't even reach half the paper bowl! And the taste is disgusting. I thought I had a sulit meal, a meal where I got good value for the price. But I think I got the opposite. Oh well, I'm never buying pasta from Mini-Stop ever again.


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Ter said...

Funny story, but that's the way it is.