Monday, November 19, 2012

BBQ and Isaw

In the Philippines, when you say BBQ or Bar-B-Que, we don't usually refer to slabs and slabs of meat grilled in hot smoke. Yes, we do grill some meat in hot smoke, but we prepare them differently. For one, we use thin and small slices of pork meat. Then put them on BBQ Sticks, similar to the Kebab style. This is one of the Filipino's favorites -- sometimes eaten during meryenda (afternoon snacks) or during meals (lunch or dinner). Another favorite is the isaw, which is grilled intestine in BBQ sticks.

This is our Pork BBQ and the isaw. For me, the most delicious part is the grilled fat. Have you had some today? If you're in the Philippines, this is a must-try. There's usually one BBQ vendor every other street (except maybe in high-end areas), or you may order them in any Filipino restaurant. But the authentic ones are just around the corner. For a better isaw experience, UP (University of the Philippines) Diliman is the best venue.

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