Sunday, August 8, 2010

Restaurants: Mooon Cafe

Located at the heart of the Ayala Mall in Cebu City, Philippines, Mooon Cafe (Yes, with three O's) offers Mexican-Filipino dishes that would make you go "OOOh-la-la." Their menu consists of classic Mexican cuisines and refined Filipino dishes served by waiters and waitresses dressed up in traditional Mexican clothing. The ambiance is inviting, with orange lights surrounding the restaurant and large dining sets for those with big appetites. In addition, you get what you pay for: the quality of the food you're paying for is worth every coin you'll spend.

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You have to be early though, because if not, you'll end up getting stuck in a long line other customers wanting to go to the Mooon.
* Price: A
* Serving: Medium
* Food: A
* Ambiance: A
* Service: B+ (the place gets too crowded sometimes)
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