Thursday, October 22, 2009

Manila Restaurants: Aussie Cafe (Promo)

Aussie Cafe has a new promo this month. Read below:
We would like to invite you to partake in Aussie Cafe's October Events!


DRINK-ALL-YOU- CAN Beer for only P295! This promo is from 6pm to 10pm (San Miguel Beer Pale and Lite products only)
Plus, ladies get an special 10% Off on cocktail drinks for the mont
h of October from 6pm to 10 pm

Halloween Treat or More Treats!

Invite your children to spend a morning of fun at Aussie Cafe! On October 31, 2009 10:00am to 2:00pm, Aussie will be having a Halloween Special for kids. For an entrance fee of P295.00, kids can partake of: face painting, balloon twisting, halloween games, loot bag, plus Aussie's Special Halloween Kiddie Meal!

For reservations, please call Celine Choa at +639176308800 or at 659-2558.

Aussie Cafe & Resto
BCGroup Center, Filinvest Ave.
www.aussiecafe@ multiply. com

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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Vacation Spot: Puerto Galera

Puerto Galera has become the next best summer destination for students, yuppies, families, locals and foreigners alike. The famous White Beach is one of the most happening places in the Philippines come March to June. White sand + Crystal Clear waters + Sun + Friends + Booze + Party = Puerto Galera.

Please click the images to enlarge.

Last summer, ee and my friends decided to spend the weekend here. It was one heck of an adventure. Here's a short summary of our stay:

6:00 AM - Bus ride from Cubao to Batangas Port - Php 150.00
9:00 AM - Arrival at Batangas Port
9:15 AM - Boat Ride to White Beach - Php 120.00
10:15 AM - Arrival at White Beach

Accommodations weren't difficult to find. When you reach the shore, hotel room vendors will come flocking at you. We chose the nearest, biggest (because there were 9 of us) and cleanest place at a fair price. It wasn't difficult to find -- there are lots of options. For first time visitors, I would suggest you choose your accommodations when you arrive, and avoid making reservations online or prior to your trip. You'll get to save a whole lot more. =)

12:00 NN - Lunch - Php 100.00
1:00 PM - Rest time (especially for those who weren't able to sleep)
3:00 PM - Beach time!
4:00 PM - Snorkel Trip - Php 250.00
7:00 PM - Dinner - Php 100.00
8:00 PM - Party! - Php 300.00
Don't forget to try their famous Mindoro Sling!

9:00 AM - Breakfast - Php 100.00
10:00 AM - Banana Boat Ride - Php 200.00
12:00 NN - Lunch Time - Php 100.00
1:00 PM - Buy Pasalubongs - Php 300.00
2:00 PM - Boat Ride to Batangas Port - Php 120.00
3:00 PM - Bus Ride to Manila - Php 150.00
6:00 PM - Arrival

Accommodation Cost: Php 200.00

All in all, we spent around Php 2000.00 each. Not too bad, right? Maybe next year we'll visit this place again. :) Read More

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Manila Restaurants: Hooters

Yes, the ever-famous restaurant chain in the US is now in the Philippines! Hooters, made popular by their exceptionally "voluptuous" waitresses, opened last 2008 at the SM Mall of Asia at the edge of Manila bay. It created a lot of buzz among the locals, especially the males who want a sneak peek of the scantily-clad waitstaff, called "Hooters Girls". A few weeks ago, me and my friends got curious and tried it out! Below are a few snapshots of what Hooters - SM MoA is like.

According to Wiki,
A Hooters Girl (informally, "Hooter Girl" is commonly used) is a waitress employed by the Hooters restaurant chain. The girls are recognizable by their uniform of a white tank top with the "Hootie the Owl" logo and the location name on the front paired with the famously short orange runner's shorts.
Indeed, their girls looked darn sexy with that uniform on. All of them had long, straight hair with itsy bitsy waistlines and extremely round boobies. With their super short shorts and tiny tank tops on, Hooters is indeed a haven for male testosterone overload.

Aside from the staff, Hooters is also about FOOD. Their menu consists mainly of hamburgers, sandwiches, steaks, appetizers, entrees, and their ever-famous chicken wings. They also serve alcoholic drinks in their liquor bar. And if you want to remember your Hooters experience, you can also purchase exclusive Hooters shirts and various souvenirs.

Our Hooters experience was absolutely F-U-N! We got to see the Hooters Girls dance to the tune of YMCA, and perform hoola-hoop tricks in front of the mostly-male audience. Their service was also top-class, with each Hooter girl ever-ready to cater to their customer's needs wearing a warm smile. We even took a couple of pictures with them (I think these girls are already used to getting their pictures taken!).

I wasn't too crazy about the food, though. I thought it was overpriced and bland -- just like any other American restaurant there is. The price didn't really justify the taste and texture of the food. I guess you're paying for the over-all Hooters experience (the girls, the ambiance, the name), and not really for the food. I'd say I won't be coming back here for a long time, unless absolutely necessary. :)

Here's my rating of Hooters - SM Mall of Asia:
  • Price: Each meal costs around Php499 - Php1000
  • Serving: Medium
  • Food: B
  • Ambiance: A
  • Service: A
If you're lucky with your finances this month, then you should visit Hooters at the SM Mall of Asia. If not, there's always a next time. Read More

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Vacation Spot: Sabangan (Laiya, Batangas)


Summer is here! And what better way to spend it than at the beach! One of things I'm happy about being in the Philippines is that it is a home to thousands of amazing beaches! When you're in Metro Manila, you only need 3-4 hours of travel time to reach paradise. And you need not spend a fortune to enjoy the sun, the sand, and the sea.

One good summer vacation spot if you're in Manila is in Batangas. Batangas also has a lot of good beaches and dive sites. More specifically, if you're looking for a laid back, sun-kissed beach with calm waters, one good resort is Sabangan at Laiya, Batangas.

Please click the image to enlarge.

Sabangan boasts of near-white sand and cool waters. It also has a relaxing ambiance: trees and flowers and plants everywhere; a hammock nearby; playground for the kids; a guest lounge for anyone who wants to play billiards, a very accommodating staff to attend to your needs; and of course, the huts that give you a warm shade when you want to be kissed by the sun. Their cottages are fully equipped with air conditioning, a kitchen, a bathroom, a dining area, and of course, a living are for your group to just chillax while you drink and chat away all the worries and stress of work or school.

Sabangan resort is truly one of those places where you'd want to spend your summer (or even non-summer!) vacation. To know more about the resort, you may want to check out the following:

Location: Laiya, San Juan, Batangas
Manila Number: +63(2) 914-0848
TeleFax: +63(2) 667-3997

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Monday, March 23, 2009

Manila Restaurants: Gumbo

Gumbo is a stew or soup originating in Louisiana which is popular across the Gulf Coast of the United States and into the U.S. South. It consists primarily of a strong stock, meat and/or shellfish, a thickener, and the vegetable "holy trinity" of celery, bell peppers and onion. The soup is traditionally served over rice.

At least that's what Wiki has to say. But here in Manila, Gumbo is actually redefined into something else. It's A Taste of New Orleans in Manila, where you can experience not only its wonderful cuisine, but also the amazing ambiance of Jazz, French, and Mardi Gras combined.

Gumbo is the only restaurant in Manila that takes pride in serving the famous New Orleans' Cajun and Creole cooking. Their menu offers an assortment of interesting dishes cooked the cajun or creole way such as the jambalaya, smoked sausages, shrimp and oysters. More than that, the large servings of their dishes make it ideal for sharing for groups and families. And the price is just right, too.


Moreover, Gumbo gives its guests a meal to remember because of the restaurant's overall ambiance and their wonderful service. The cozy, old fashioned furniture gives you the feeling of nostalgia. The energy of the music and the ornaments displayed are vibrant enough to keep you interested and looking forward to what more they can offer. Their polite and eager to help crew are there to make sure you get the best of what they have to offer. And it's not just the smile on their faces, but the fact that they want to make sure you get what you truly deserve.

Overall, Gumbo is a must visit! Try their branch at the SM Mall of Asia where you have a scenic view of the Manila Bay.

Here's my rating of Gumbo:
  • Price: Each meal costs around Php200 - Php400
  • Serving: Large
  • Food: YUMMY! (Must Try: Seafood Jambalaya)
  • Ambiance: A
  • Service: A
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Sunday, March 1, 2009

Restaurants: Deco's

La Paz Batchoy is one of the the trademark, specialty dishes of La Paz, Iloilo. It has been commercialized by a few noodle companies but nothing truly beats the original. The true essence of Ilonggo Batchoy can be found here: Deco's.

Although the chain of batchoy stores has not reached the shores of Manila yet, it is a must-visit when you come to Iloilo. You cannot miss the taste of the noodles (called MEKE) with garlic, pork, liver, and chicharon, mixed together in one aromatic soup. Pair it with fresh pandesal or puto for an even more satisfying experience.


Photobucket Photobucket

Each bowl of La Paz batchoy costs from Php45.00 to Php75.00. You can also order 4-pcs of puto for only Php20.00.

To satisfy your cravings visit any Deco's branches or call Deco's La Paz at 3201079
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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Manila Restaurants: Curry Curry House

Just recently SM Megamall has renovated a section of their mall to make way for the posh place now know as the Mega Atrium. It is located at the center of SM Megamall A and B, 2nd floor up to the 5th floor. Most shops here are those from The Podium, and the restaurants are a bit classier than the usual.

There, we discovered the Curry Curry House. It's a Japanese restaurant specializing in -- yep, you guessed it -- Curry. The interior is similar to any other Japanese restaurant, with wallpapers of some Japanese figure like a ninja, or samurai, or a woman dressed in a kimono, or the like. But the food is totally different.

They serve their food in a special curry sauce, which is terribly addicting but can be too "curry-ful" after one cup of rice. Oh yeah, their rice is also unlimited. More than that, each meal only costs Php 100 - 200 per rice meal, and that's not a bad price at all considering the size of their servings. It's one of those restaurants where you really get a good value for your money.

But then again, you can never get too much curry in a week. I'd say, I'll have curry once a month, but I can't have it more than once in a week. It'll be too much for me. But that's just me. :)


For more information about this restaurant, you may contact them at: (63 2) 631-8470
Or you may visit them at:
3rd Level
SM Megamall Atrium
SM Megamall
EDSA cor. Julia Vargas Avenue
Mandaluyong, Metro Manila
Also just a few reminders:
- Budget range is Php 200.00 and below per meal
- Credit Card payment not allowed YET
- Eat-all-you-can Rice

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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Restaurants: Allan's Talabahan

You can't leave the province of Iloilo if you haven't visited this place yet. Not only do they serve absolutely delicious and mouth-watering talaba, they sell it at a cheap price too!

Welcome to Allan's Talabahan in Oton, Iloilo City. They serve the biggest and juiciest oysters in town.

Here, you'll find that you just can't get enough of those oysters. You can also add other grilled dishes to complete your meal. They have the uber-tasty, grilled pantat (or hito in Tagalog, catfish in English). I don't know where they get their fish, but I'm grateful because the fish they serve is meaty and tasty to the bone. They also have the classic grilled liempo, chicken, BBQ, and other seafoods. You can never go wrong with the food they serve.

And more than that, you get super value for your money! The small bucket of talaba (oysters) only cost Php25.00. Beat that! And their oysters are HUGE! Here in Manila, you'll get it at around Php100.00 already. Imagine this: there were 7 of us, we ordered 7 buckets of talaba, 5 orders of liempo, 4 orders of pantat, 7 bottles of softdrinks. But we only paid a total of around Php800.00. Hah!


Allan's Talabahan is a bit far from the city proper, but I promise you, a few minutes of travel isn't enough for the satisfaction you'll get.
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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Nothing But Desserts

At the heart of Iloilo's sizzling night life is a shop where you can get all the sweets your teeth are craving for. After a night of partying, drinking, karaoke-ing, and food tripping, the perfect way to end the night is simply by having a taste of desserts at Nothing But Desserts.

They offer mousses, cakes, and trifles. All their desserts are prepared intricately and delicately, as if they were wonderful pieces of art. From chocolates to caramel, to coffee, to fruity cakes, they have it all. Prices for their cakes-in-a-glass (I like to call it this way because most of their signature cakes are served in a small glass) are at a standard Php110.00 -- Not bad for a fully-loaded sweet experience. They also have square cakes that range from Php 500.00 ++.


Nothing But Desserts is located at The Avenue, Smallville, Iloilo City. Oh I do hope they'll open one here in Manila real soon! If you happen to visit Iloilo, you MUST visit this place. =) Read More

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Vacation Spot: Potipot Island

Potipot Island is one of those islands that can be called "paradise." It is a small island surrounded by white sand, calm clear waters, and trees that provide shade along the beach and on the water. To get there, you would need to 5-minute banca (small boat) ride from the mainland shore of the Uacon, Candelaria, Zambales.

The crystal clear water, warm sunshine, and cool sea breeze will give you the feeling of peace and serenity. Potipot Island is the perfect place to relax after a stressful week at work. It's the perfect place to be in touch with nature and with yourself. It's the perfect place to enjoy with your friends, family, and loved ones.

The island itself is quite small that there are no resorts on it. You can easily walk the island's shores for only a few minutes. Visitors bring their own towels, food, and other beach paraphernalia and set up their "camp site" somewhere around the island. They usually stay at the resorts on the mainland, and just hire bancas (small boats) to take them to Potipot island.

One of the most popular resorts in the area is Dawal Beach Resort. They offer decent accommodation and also a package for a roundtrip boat ride to and from Potipot Island for onyl Php 400 (good for 6 guests). To know more about the resort, please visit: Read More

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Manila Restaurants: Fuzion Smoothie Cafe

If you're looking for the perfect place to sip a nice, cold, refreshing drink made of fresh ice-cold fruits on a terribly sunny day, then Fuzion Smoothie Cafe is the perfect choice. They offer an array of natural fruit smoothies to quench your thirst, and they also serve a variety of food which include rice meals, pizzas, pastas, chips, salads and desserts, etc.

One of the nice things about the drinks they serve is that they guarantee an "all-natural" fruit smoothie: No Ice, no sugar. The fruits are kept frozen, and are only blended upon ordering. This is to keep the natural sweetness and coolness from frozen fruits at their peak of ripeness. Today, they have expanded their menu and now offer a full range of coffee, chocolate, and tea lattes.

Fuzion Smoothie Cafe also makes your stay more pleasant because of the very cozy ambiance of their stores -- perfect for your families and friends to hang out. They have large, comfy chairs and stylish tables to make your stay even more relaxing and refreshing. Fuzion stores can be found at popular hang out areas such as Greenbelt, Eastwood, and Greenhills. (Note: Image grabbed from their site.)

For more information, please visit their site at: Read More