Thursday, September 11, 2008

Iloilo Resort: Isla Naburot

I've had the chance to visit this wonderful place a few years ago and there's no one word to describe it. It's magical, tranquil, home. My friends and I spent a few days on the island (thanks to Mike, grandson of the Alice Saldaña, the owner of the resort) and we were so lucky to see the island preserved of its beauty. Coral reefs kept the waters alive, the trees made the atmosphere so relaxing, and the food is simply to-die-for. I hope one day I can visit the place again.

This information is taken from their multiply site:

Isla Naburot is small islet just off the western coast of Guimaras island, just 50 minutes by pumpboat from Iloilo's Port San Pedro. The island's white beach is nestled between the mainland and the rest of the island, creating a natural cove. A coral reef is found just meters away from the shore, and when the tide is low, guests can walk around and wade in the surrounding waters, even cross over to the mainland.

The back side of the island, facing the open sea, is where the dock and the well-known "Balay ni Boy" is located. This house has been featured many times in magazines, tourism documentaries and even in commercials. The sunsets viewed from here are amazing.

When not swimming, snorkeling, boating, island-hopping or fishing, one can enjoy lazing on the beach, swinging from a hammock or feasting on the famous Guimaras mangoes. There are six cottages for couples or small families and a big house called the Balay Bato for the larger parties. The island's get-away-from-it-all ambiance is its main draw. No noise, no pollution, no stress, just nature in all her beauty, peace, rest and relaxation. The food here is also unforgettable. Just ask anyone who has visited us.
For inquiries or concerns, contact Isla Managerment at:
0918-9098500 (Dr. Theresa Saldaña Araneta)
Isla Naburot, Brgy. Sinapsapan, Guimaras

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