Monday, September 22, 2008

Resort: Club Manila East

Ideal for family trips and barkada outings, Club Manila East (CME) located in Taytay, Rizal is a must visit resort. Just a few hours drive from the city, this 7-hectare resort is one of the best places to unwind, relax, have fun under the sun, and sometimes even do business at the same time.

The resort's facilities are made to suit people of all ages: where the kids can enjoy the mini-slides and the playground on the pool, where the adventurous can get their adrenaline rush from the 3-storey slides and the kayak pool, where the older folks can immerse themselves in the shaded Pools, and where everybody can simply bask under the sun. The best attraction of the resort is its BeachWave pool - a giant wave pool that gradually deepens and produces beach-like waves for everyone to feel as if they were on a real beach. But don't fret, trained lifeguards are stationed near the pool to ensure everyone's safety.

The resort is somewhat strict with the swimming attire. Here are some tips to remember:

Also here are some details about the resort:

Location: Km. 24 Manila East Road Taytay, Rizal PHILIPPINES 1920
Telephone Numbers: (02) 660-2801, (02) 284-4740, (02) 284-4736

For details about their rates, please visit their site at:
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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Iloilo: Angelicum Chapel @ Christmas

Each year, Angelicum chapel has one of the highest electricity bills come December. This is mainly because of the Christmas lights that they set up all over the Lezares Mansion inside the Angelicum campus in Iloilo City. For the residents, this has become an annual tradition, and most visitors who spend Christmas with them are given the chance to visit and marvel at this amazing showcase of lights.

Angelicum started this trend. Now, a lot of towns in Iloilo also adorn their parks and plaza's with lights. Pototan, for example, has their town plaza filled with different lights that wrap the trees and bushes. The Central Philippine University also followed Angelicum's trend and had their campus wrapped in lights.

If you're in Iloilo during the Christmas season, don't miss these spectacular lights. Read More

Friday, September 19, 2008

Cebu Resort: Tambuli

Cebu is known for its beaches and diving spots. While I had my vacation in Cebu for the summer, we went to Tambuli Resort, in Mactan Island. It has one of the nicest beaches I know. Its waters are flourishing with all the wonders of nature: schools of fish and sea weeds. It is also great for kids as it's very shallow. And there is little risk of stepping on those sharp shells because the waters are carpeted with the sea weeds. The crystal blue waters combined with the fresh sea breeze will definitely make your summer escapade worth it all.

Entrance is Php200 plus Php 150 for an eat-all-you-can buffet.
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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Travel Tips for Business Class Passengers

I've been traveling on Business Class for company-related trips since I started working for Emerson. The first time was last March, a week after I joined the company, when I was sent to the corporate office in the US to "immerse" myself with the team. Today will be my second time, and I'm traveling again to the US for a planning conference and a minor training on Oracle stuff.

During my college days, my family and I also went to the States to visit our relatives there, and we were on a tight budget so we traveled via Economy class. It wasn't grand, but the airline (Philippine Airlines) provided the basic necessities so we were satisfied. They served lunch/dinner/breakfast, and they provided us with personal hygiene kits and blankets for a comfortable 16-hour trip. For me, it was okay.

However, when I was sent to the US with a Business Class seat, I was overwhelmed. Cathay Pacific provides extra-pampering services to the priority passengers, just as if you were a king/queen. They serve excellent food, and extravagant to boot, and they provide wider, more comfy seats, and a lot of entertainment options. Not only that, the lounges during the stop-over/connecting flights are extremely generous with food, drinks, and entertainment. It's like staying at a hotel for a few hours while waiting for your flight.

And so during travel for the first time with a business class seat, I ended up with a bad stomach, a bigger tummy, and a lot of inconvenience on the airplane. Why? Simply because I ate too much. After all, I wanted to try everything they are serving at the lounges, and I ate up all the food that the airline crew had to offer (appetizers, main course, dessert, snacks - yep, i never leave my plate un-empty). I kept telling myself that I need to finish my food because I just have to experience EVERYTHING that a business class seat has to offer. Wrong choice haha.

So now that I'm traveling again, I've learned my lesson. Here are a few things to note when you have a business class seat:

1. If your flight is early in the morning, it is absolutely OKAY to skip breakfast. You will be served with a complete, healthy meal during your trip.

2. If your flight is near lunchtime or dinnertime, don't bother eating lunch or dinner anymore because, again, you will be served a complete meal. If you're thinking you might not like the food, the airlines always serves two dishes, so you can choose which one you like.

3. If you're too hungry to wait for your flight, there's always free food at the lounge. In HK Lounge, for example, they have this noodle bar where you can order noodles for free. But please note that if you stuff yourself too much, then it is absolutely okay to NOT finish your in-flight meal. Don't be a glutton, eat only what you can.

4. Be careful of what you eat/drink. Improper combination of what you take in can also upset your stomach.

5. Finally, do not be afraid to take a dump at the comfort rooms. I actually prefer airport restrooms over the aircraft toilets because of the space. Airport restrooms are well maintained, especially the ones located inside the lounge. Don't be afraid to dirty it a little. :)

So there, 5 things you need to remember when traveling. Oh and of course don't forget your Passport, Ticket and/or Boarding pass, and of course your credit card or cash.

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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Iloilo Resort: Isla Naburot

I've had the chance to visit this wonderful place a few years ago and there's no one word to describe it. It's magical, tranquil, home. My friends and I spent a few days on the island (thanks to Mike, grandson of the Alice Saldaña, the owner of the resort) and we were so lucky to see the island preserved of its beauty. Coral reefs kept the waters alive, the trees made the atmosphere so relaxing, and the food is simply to-die-for. I hope one day I can visit the place again.

This information is taken from their multiply site:
Isla Naburot is small islet just off the western coast of Guimaras island, just 50 minutes by pumpboat from Iloilo's Port San Pedro. The island's white beach is nestled between the mainland and the rest of the island, creating a natural cove. A coral reef is found just meters away from the shore, and when the tide is low, guests can walk around and wade in the surrounding waters, even cross over to the mainland.

The back side of the island, facing the open sea, is where the dock and the well-known "Balay ni Boy" is located. This house has been featured many times in magazines, tourism documentaries and even in commercials. The sunsets viewed from here are amazing.

When not swimming, snorkeling, boating, island-hopping or fishing, one can enjoy lazing on the beach, swinging from a hammock or feasting on the famous Guimaras mangoes. There are six cottages for couples or small families and a big house called the Balay Bato for the larger parties. The island's get-away-from-it-all ambiance is its main draw. No noise, no pollution, no stress, just nature in all her beauty, peace, rest and relaxation. The food here is also unforgettable. Just ask anyone who has visited us.
For inquiries or concerns, contact Isla Managerment at:
0918-9098500 (Dr. Theresa Saldaña Araneta)
Isla Naburot, Brgy. Sinapsapan, Guimaras Read More

Restaurants: Krua Thai Cebu

One of the highlights of our trip to Cebu was the last dinner before leaving for Manila at Krua Thai. We got to experience Thailand food in the middle of Pinas, who'd have thought of that? I haven't seen the restaurant here in Manila yet, so I don't have any basis of comparison. But all in all, here are the things that amazed me about the Krua Thai:

1. Food = Yummy. You have got to try their Tom Yam soup for a spicy, tingly start
2. Restaurant ornaments: from the draperies, to the "big faces" hanging by the wall, to the jewel-studded classic images of Thailand.
3. Inverted umbrellas = one of a kind. The umbrellas hanging upside-down on the ceiling is a marvel to watch.
4. Eccentric Jars & glasses (goblets): The kind usually found in King Arthur movies or during the height of the Knights' reign. Very cool!

If you plan to go to Cebu, don't miss this. Krua Thai is at:
Unit K Crossroad Mall, Banilad, Cebu.
Tel No. : +63(32) 231-8338
Fax : +63(32) 231-8338 Read More

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Cebu: Philippine Taoist Temple

If you're in Cebu, you have got to visit their Beverly Hills, home of the Philippine Taoist Temple. Upon reaching the temple, you will be mesmerized with the amazing view of Cebu City and be captivated by the windy, fresh atmosphere. The place is so peaceful and serene that you can't help but feel so holy every time you face the altar.

The Philippine Taoist temple has been one of the many tourist attractions in Cebu. They have a small version of what seems to be the Great Wall of China, and they also have this gigantic dragon structure where lots of visitors take their pictures.

Also don't miss the MA-CHO Temple... a temple for the macho-wannabes in the world, just like my boyfriend Marc hehe:

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Monday, September 8, 2008

Restaurants: Kagura Cebu

If you're looking for a good Japanese restaurant in Cebu, then you can't miss Kagura at A.S.Fortuna St. Banilad, Mandaue City. The place itself is very nice, with bamboo floors and bamboo walls with kimonos hanging on the walls and traditional Japanese umbrellas adding a homey feel. You get to experience the Japanese way of eating while kneeling (seiza), but for people who aren't used to this, you can just sit in whatever manner you want to. So take off your shoes, slip on those sandals (provided by the restaurant) and find a comfy place to sit and enjoy your meal.

Expect to be served with great authentic Japanese food served in bento boxes with matching chop-sticks. Best of all, they serve a WIDE variety of Japanese meals, not just the usual maki/sushi/tempura/rice toppings that *some* Japanese restaurants offer. They also serve Sake (Japanese rice wine) for those who are curious as to how it tastes. All in all, you'll really feel as if you were in Japan.

Unfortunately, when we went there, there was a rodent patrolling the place hahaha. But we were already in bliss after having finished our meal when we found that out so we didn't really mind. Hopefully, the restaurant team does something about it or else their sales will greatly be affected.

So if you're looking for a taste of Japan in Cebu, don't ever miss Kagura. Read More

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Flying with Cebu Pacific

If you're planning to go on a vacation anywhere within the Philippines or Asia with a tight budget, then the best airline for you is Cebu Pacific. They offer really low fares, especially if you make it in time for their P1.00 per ticket promo that's recurring every so often after a few months. Also, the quality isn't all that bad. For a really cheap fare, you get seamless take offs and landings. You'd also be confident with the flight because the planes are in good condition.

If you plan to fly CebuPac, here are some tips to remember:
  1. Buy early, save a lot. When you buy early, there is a big possibility that the fares you will get are the lowest of the bunch. The later you buy, the more people have already bought, and the number of slots for the cheaper fares are already taken.
  2. Bring snacks or something to munch during your flight. Since Cebu Pacific already offers very low prices, it's only logical that they don't serve any snacks on the plane. :) They do offer food and drinks, but you'd have to buy them at quadruple its normal price. Bring some sandwiches or junk food and buy some drinks at the airport and you'll spend less on the plane.
  3. Don't mind the crew attendants. It's surprising how they repeat the safety reminders every flight, but they are also the ones disobeying the rules. During our flight from Cebu, we were seated at the last seat with a bunch of flight attendants listening to their iPods while taking off. They keep telling the passengers to turn off all electronic devices but they themselves don't do that. Oh well.
  4. Be on time. But, expect your flight to be delayed. It doesn't happen always, but it happens 90% of the time.
That's all for now. Just remember, in every trip, treasure the good memories and not the terrible ordeal of getting those memories. Read More

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Manila Condo Units

Are you looking for Condo Units here in Metro Manila or in the Philippines?
Don't fret!

ETON Properties has a wide variety of Condo units up for grabs. ETON is part of the Lucio Tan Group of Companies.

If you are interested, please send a private message to my good friend, Schyler Gan for more details. You may contact him at: Read More