Monday, August 25, 2008

Bulacan Resort: DJ Paradise

DJ Paradise is a great place if you're looking for a resort where you can relax, have fun under the sun, and experience the beach without going through the trouble of traveling so many hours just to feel the sand-sea on your face. Yes, it doesn't have the sand, nor the salty smell of the wind, but it does have a wave pool for you to experience the water splashing on your back. And you don't have to worry about drowning too, because the wave pool is only around 5.5 feet deep, with bodyguards positioned on every corner of the pool. Plus, they have several floating devices you can use to better enhance your swimming experience.

Their pools also have slides for the young, the yuppies, and the total adventurers. There are 1-storey high slides, 2-storey slides, and 3-storey slides. Just pick which will give you the best experience.

Also the rates are cheap. The overnight hotel rent for a Standard air-conditioned room with 1 bathroom, 2 queen sized beds, cable television, 2 free breakfast, and 2 free use of the pool is VERY affordable. Just check out their site for the rates.

Food is great. The ambiance is perfect for relaxation, although if you're from the hotel, you'd have to walk a bit to reach the pools. The park is clean and colorful. All in all, you have to book your next trip to this place. :)

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